To gain you need to trust, but how to trust if it hurts?

One begins out with trusting everything and everyone. A baby blindly trusts it’s parents.

Bit by bit that trust gets abused and misused. Bit by bit the ability to give trust is replaced by requiring it from others first.

Then comes a time where we begin to giving trust again. Because we have discovered a world full of strange and wonderful people and we want to know all of them.

But in a world where everyone requires trust from others, those who give trust gain the most.

So gradual one begins to give trust again. The first time someone misuses this trust, it hurts and bottle it up inside of us. Making us distrustful of others, closing ourselves.

But we try again. We don’t give up. Our desire for other people is simply too strong.

So we begin again. We learn to use hurt to make ourselves strong. So we can give more trust.

Gradually a positive feedback loop is created and we gain by giving trust: either it misused or abused, or we gain from the experiences of others.

It becomes a win-win situation for ourselves and those around us as we grow to become a beautiful flower of trust and strength.