A system with no name.

I’m neither left nor right, I do not believe in Capitalism nor in Communism. I question Neo-Liberalism, as I question Socialism. I believe in a system based on love and altruism, one that has its foundation in respect of others and openness for the new and unknown. This system has no name as we have never experienced it.

I don’t believe in a God nor in many Gods. I believe that our responsibilities lie with us and not with a myth that allows us to blame others for our problems and failings. Responsibility lies with us and not them.

A system that puts profits aside for morals, a system where we are not products that sell themselves to the highest bidder. Were success is not measured by the size of bank accounts, were success is not being better then thou neighbour. Were success lies in the altruist actions for our neighbours.

A system where patents and copyright do not hinder progress, a system where copying is a sign of respect for the individual and a betterment for the whole society. Knowledge is a social good and freed of profiteering.

A global society liberated from passports and borders, a society where freedom means freedom of travel and strangers are friends, where friends become family and family is global.

A society freed of the feelings of inferiority complexes where my neighbour is my friend. A society where equality means nothing as we no longer have differences, instead meaningful open and honest conservations finding the best solutions for all.

Simplicity triumphs over complexity, complexity that makes us all feel dumb to keep us in the shadows. In the shadows of them and us, them who understand and us who are made to feel that we cannot know. Reducing our voices to whispers in the wind.

Thankfully I am not the only one to believe. Thankfully we can all believe in this, even if its a notion that is hard to imagine. Take strength in the knowledge that others alike believe it is possible.

In the purity of openness we will find our way.


If you believe this is utopian or undoable, then you might have a stake in keeping the system as it is. Or you might have a fear of change, change can improve alike it can ruin. Or you might not be able to imagine a different system because your cultural upbringing does not allow imagining a peaceful future.

Then you must know that history is a collection of changes, a collection of different approaches to living together on this planet. That we are here does not mean we did everything properly or there are no improvements that we may make.

It is in the narrowness of thought wherein doom lies. Broad knowledge and openness for the new is how humankind has survived. A belief that technology will save us has always been with us.

Approximately two-thousand years ago a new technology come onto the world stage: Christianity. A revolutionary new technology that changed an entire planet. Humans are technology, thoughts are technology, Nature is technology. Computers are a natural continuation of that long line of technologies.

Potentially Humanity did begin with the first tool (or technology if you prefer): a bone to hit the other tribes leader over the head to get at resources that your tribe needed. This was postulated in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is sad to think that we have come no further in our use of technology than to kill each other, to enslave each other and to keep knowledge from each other.

It is the narrowing of technology to electric devices or manmade objects that limits us. Technology is far broader and richer than electrical devices or computers or artificial intelligence. Technology includes thoughts and reflection, ideas and openness, love and respect.