Individualised Technology

Meaning: Technology designed to individualise societal interactions but also technology that is designed for individuals.

Take this thought and reflect a moment about the technology that your own. How much of it is designed to help you function within a society and how much of it is designed for you to survive as an individual in a societal context?

Reformulating the question: how much technology do you own that is designed to help you to interact with society in a positive sense? For example, technology that makes sharing with others easier, technology that makes caring for others easier, technology that makes it easier for a family unit to stay together.

Interestingly it is not technology, it is in fact capitalism that reduces societies to individuals - individuals buy more, societies share more.

Technology is just another symptom of the disease.

But before we replace capitalism with just another ism, how about we look into possible reforms to the existing system.

[Part of the Taboo Tiles series.]