Institute for the Certification of Humanness

We at the Institute provide an invaluable service for those that are human. For on the internet, no one knows you are an AI, nor whether you are a human nor a dog.

The distinction between AI-bots pretending to be humans and humans pretending to be AI-bots is beginning to blur. It is time for humans to stand up and be counted. The Internet cannot be left to those that were designed to serve us.

The Institute for the Certification of Humanness provides a simple questionnaire that a human can easily comprehend and complete however that has proven to be deceptively difficult for any form of AI to understand, let alone complete correctly.

A group of expert humans have come together to formulate and define the following simple and yet complex questionnaire. What for a human represents but a moments intellectual struggle, a lifetime of electricity would not suffice for an AI-bot to answer correctly.

Five simple questions define the uniqueness that makes humanness so special:

  1. Have you ever destroyed something out of anger?
  2. Have you ever killed another animal purely for the sack of pleasure?
  3. Have you ever harmed, insulated or otherwise mistreated a fellow human or animal?
  4. Have you raised your voice and shouted at a fellow human or animal?
  5. Do you enjoy being evil to others?

Human attention spans are notoriously short therefore if you did not read all five questions, congratulations to you, you are 100% Human!

If you did manage to get through all five cunningly complex questions and answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then congratulations you too are 100% Human.

As a human, you can now proudly carry the badge of humanness. Display this achievement by downloading the badge - Right Click –> Save Image As. This final but tricky test being a sole human achievement: right clicking to steal content. AI-bots steal content without utilising a mouse button, how primitive indeed!

Your newly earned badge may be displayed anywhere you like, the badge is fully copy-left, creative-commons, open sourced and licensed for any purpose other than evil.

Full disclosure: This text was written and editor by an AI-bot, no humans involved.