Fables from the Hood - Pandas and a Koala

Two Panda sisters were a competitive pair. Each trying to out do the other for the attention of the parents. This also made them very successful in a very competitive world (success is often related to how well you fit into the prevalent social economic system at the time).

Both Pandas were beauties and both were smart, only, as the devil would have it, one was more smart and one was more beautiful. Jealousy can be a powerful motivator. So one Panda became financially better off while the other had a nicer life and better friends.

Both Pandas had loving partners. The slightly less beautiful Panda even married her partner - the Koala. The Koala being a somewhat enchanting character, one simply couldn’t help but want to capture him. Both charming and absentminded, caring yet easily distracted, he simply couldn’t resist the potential financial gains.

So a marriage was arranged and sisters now had brother: for the one a husband for the other a brother. For our smart Panda, this was the ultimate victory in the competition between the sisters. She was now firmly the better Panda.

But as we all know, a love story does not make for a good tale. So our short excursion into the bear world does not end here.

One day, the Koala came down from his tree. And there is only one reason for a Koala to come down from his tree. But there was no Panda in sight. The Panda was busying adding to a bright financial future and had no time for such activities as mating, let alone having offspring.

Our Koala was a more than a little disappointed and coming from a far better economically situation than the Pandas, didn’t see the need to spend ones entire life collecting the notes of freedom (the more you have, the more freedoms you possess). Thus the Koalas desires to spread his DNA outweighed his desires for the Panda.

So it came as does. Divorce was an amicable affair since now the Koala came to be the brother for both Pandas and there were simply different goals: Koala would like little cubs and Panda desired little chests of gold.

Until one day …

Our Panda began look around for a replacement for her Koala. But as these things are, Koalas are very unique and special creatures and each one is different. Since our Panda also discovered that chests of gold might not be all there is to life, she decided to speak to the Koala again and perhaps win him back.

Meanwhile, our Koala decided to open his heart to the other Panda - unbeknownst to the Panda he had just divorced. Charming and absentmindedness also allows one to ignore the underlying, unwritten social norms. For example: thy shall not covet the sister of thy ex-wife.

Well, it came as it comes. On the day that our poor (emotionally not financially) Panda plucked up the courage to speak to the Koala, the Koala found the same amount of courage to announce that he was having a cub with her sister.

And the Moral? Don’t be too financially rich for your own happiness.