Fables from the Hood - Mr. Swine and Ms. Piggy

Mr. Swine and Ms. Piggy were a great couple. They had lots of piglets and were greatly in love. They did everything together and were very happy together.

But as life goes, things change. Mr. Swine changed, he became more silent and less talkative. He seemed to be deep in thought about what life had brought him and what life took from him. Ms. Piggy enquired about what was going on but Mr. Swine didn’t seem to find the right words to explain to Ms. Piggy what was going on. However he assured Ms. Piggy everything was fine between them.

This went on for quite some time and each time Mr. Swine would reassure Ms. Piggy that things were quite ok and she needed worry. Mr. Swine just needed some time to think. Mr. Swine was thinking, however not about the right words to say to Ms. Piggy - obviously.

Then one day, out of the blue, Mr. Swine announced that he needed to move out and have some space for himself. No Mr. Swine isn’t breaking up with Ms. Piggy. It is just temporary, he assured Ms. Piggy.

Thankfully the piglets had all grown up and moved out. So Mr. Swine didn’t need to worry about them. Not that he worried about how this situation affected others, Mr. Swine had his misery and that is all that mattered to Mr. Swine.

Mr. Swine had secretly lost interest in Ms. Piggy but, unfortunately, Mr. Swine couldn’t find the words to tell Ms. Piggy that. Mr. Swine didn’t want to hurt Ms. Piggy. So Ms. Piggy was left completely in the dark (unfortunately Ms. Piggy wasn’t a mind read like most sows).

Mr. Swine then began to complain that he was misunderstood and that it was horrible how Ms. Piggy was engaging a lawyer to force a divorce. How dare she do something like that! After all Mr. Swine was intending (date yet unknown) to get back together with Ms. Piggy. But before doing that, Mr. Swine wanted just to taste the muddy domains of other sows - that was his right now that Ms. Piggy was getting in the lawyers. After all Mr. Swine never intended to end the relationship, that was all Ms. Piggys fault.

As time went on, Mr. Swine fell into a deep depression about how Ms. Piggy was being so mean to him. After all, he never intended to leave Ms. Piggy - it was only temporary. Mr. Swine complained to all his friends of how badly he was being treated and how Ms. Piggy was making his life completely miserable.

Poor Mr. Swine became very miserable and everything was so bad, ever since Ms. Piggy began to make his life a living hell. Of course Mr. Swine didn’t have any financial problems nor job issues. And tasting the muddy domains of other sows was also working out rather well.

Still Mr. Swine had to complain. Mainly because Mr. Swine still hadn’t found the right words to tell to Ms. Piggy what was going on. And why should he do that? After all, Ms. Piggy was the one making his life a misery.

After a while, Mr. Swines friends began to think that perhaps Mr. Swine should simply pig-up and face the truth. Perhaps, they thought, he should realise that he was the cause of all his misery. Perhaps it was his silence and not being able to talk to Ms. Piggy in the first place that caused Ms. Piggy to be so very much upset.

Unfortunately Mr. Swines friends also couldn’t find the right words to tell Mr. Swine their theories. So one by one, they left Mr. Swine to his misery. They all began to find their own happiness and avoid Mr. Swines miserable outlook on life - misery can be very contagious at times.

Perhaps one day Mr. Swine well find a way out of his misery. Perhaps one day Mr. Swine will be honest to himself and face up to the facts. But none of us will ever know since we have found our own happiness.